The Strategic Plan For British Canoeing 2022-26

We are British Canoeing, the governing body for canoeing, kayaking and other forms of paddling.

Stronger Together is our new four-year strategy (2022-2026) to support, grow and celebrate paddling in England and the UK. It builds on the work and progress of the last four years and presents a plan to guide the work of all within British Canoeing and the paddling community. We have big ambitions and plans for the next four years. We hope that you will play a part in shaping and delivering the new strategic plan.

Our Purpose

To encourage everyone to go paddling; for enjoyment, health, challenge and achievement.

Our Values

The values of British Canoeing define the ways we work, how we treat people and how we want to be treated.

Every Person Matters

Making time to listen and understand others; supporting people to grow and develop; treating others as we would like to be treated; respecting diversity and being inclusive.

Striving For Excellence

Learning from mistakes; being open-minded and embracing new ideas; constantly seeking new ways to improve; producing high-quality, accurate work.

Always With Integrity

Doing what we promise; respecting our environment; being open and honest; being consistent and fair.

Enjoying The Journey

Celebrating success as a team; taking a friendly, enthusiastic approach; taking time to switch off and refresh; setting realistic targets.

Individually Committed

Working proactively and taking the initiative; being punctual and ready; being focused on our work; having our own clear objectives and development plan.

 Stronger Together

Working towards a common goal; sharing our knowledge and expertise; sharing the load and working as a team; respecting the priorities of others.

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Cross Cutting Themes

Over the next four years, we will place a far greater emphasis on four cross-cutting themes to bring a new focus and positive change within the new strategy.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Being inclusive to help everyone enjoy paddling, regardless of identity, ability or circumstance.

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Environment and Sustainability

Caring for our environment to protect nature and deepen our experience.

Download Strategy (Full Colour)Download Strategy (Easy Read)

Health, Welfare, and Safety

Providing safe environments to ensure paddlers feel positive, healthy and safe.

Safer Together Strategy (Full Colour)
Blue symbol representing partnership working at British Canoeing


Working together, across organisations and communities, to promote and improve paddling activity

Our 10 Ambitions

Our delivery of the strategic plan will be guided by 10 ambitions and measured by 20 key performance indicators. Within the ambitions are 86 action plans that are either UK-wide or will impact only in England. This is in keeping with the UK and English responsibilities of British Canoeing and the devolved structure for canoeing in the UK. The national associations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have their own strategies, which focus on home country delivery.

Ambition 1. Image of three young women in a canoe paddling.

Ambition 1

Engaging recreational paddlers and attracting new paddlers.

Ambition 2. Image of woman on paddle board on shallow water in the sea.

Ambition 2

Increasing membership and improving member services.

Ambition 3. Image of two paddle boarders on a lake in winter.

Ambition 3

Promoting access, places to paddle and environmental awareness.

Ambition 4. Four young paddler in a four person kayak racing.

Ambition 4

Supporting clubs and delivery partners.

Ambition 5. Image of two paddlers on white water, one directing the other.

Ambition 5

Developing and supporting coaches, leaders, instructors and guides.

From Save Our Rivers. Paddle Clean Up in Inflatable Canoe

Ambition 6

Developing and supporting volunteers.

Ambition 7. Image of successful Paralympian holding paddle over her head.

Ambition 7

Developing talent and achieving international success.

Ambition 8. Image of canoe polo paddler.

Ambition 8

Providing excellent championships, competitions and events.

Ambition 9 Two young paddlers in orange kayaks.

Ambition 9

Focused on governance, people, equality and sustainability.

Ambition 10. Image of competitive paddler in action.

Ambition 10

Improving digital services and communications.

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The full 28-page Stronger Together 2022-2026 Strategic Plan from British Canoeing

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The summarised 14-page Stronger Together 2022-2026 Strategic Plan from British Canoeing

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